Damage to cables and pipes can be prevented by the clever use of location & detection technology. Our Line Tracer Rods have special thick copper conductors for maximum locating capacity. There are several locating advantages such as the exact location of pipes and cables, location of fractures and obstructions, depth measurement and problem solving. It benefits installers to utilize tracer rods to determine the precise curve of a conduit/pipe and pinpoint trouble areas. It provides a high level of versatilty through the utilization of our Pipe & Cable Locators to determine thr route of non-metallic pipelines.

4.5mm Trace Rod containing 3 or 4 individual copper wires. Can be in series or parallel, or individual, suitable for camera connections. Standard lengths available are 40, 60 and 80m in frame ready to be used and includes a guide head and generato

7.4mm Trace Rod containing 6 individual copper wires. Standard lengths available: 80m & 90m or any length (at extra cost) including frame and stand, guide head and generator connection. "Rod only" is also available in per m

9.0mm or 11mm Trace Rod containing 6 individual copper wires. Standard lengths available from 120m - 300m. 800 diameter reel for 9.0mm or 1000/1200 diameter for 11.0mm dependant on rod length required with socket for connecting transmitter, alumi

Specifications: -   40m, Ø 4.5mm, 4 copper conductors -   60m, Ø 4.5mm, 4 copper conductors -   80m, Ø 4.5mm, 4 copper conductors -   40m, Ø 7.4mm, 6 copper conductors -   60m, Ø 7.4mm, 6

Specifications: - Ø 350mm, no wheels - Ø 600mm, no wheels - Ø 800mm, with 2 wheels - Ø 1000mm, with 2 wheels - Ø 1200mm, with 2 wheels